Mattel Plans to Use Only Recycled Plastic by 2030

By Dean Seal

Mattel has committed to stop using plastic in its toys and other products by 2030.

The maker of Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels model cars is raising the stakes on its previous environmental pledge to use only recycled plastic by 2030.

The company realized its prior commitment "would only serve to delay the release of plastic into the environment," Mattel's head of sustainability Pamela Gill-Alabaster said.

"The new plan to eliminate plastic altogether actually solves the problem by cutting down on current production, as well as focusing on only compostable natural materials like mushroom mycelium, algae, seaweed, clays, wood cellulose, and bamboo," Gill-Alabaster said.

Mattel is kicking off the new commitment with the launch of a line of EcoWarrior Barbies, which will honor environmentalists including actress Daryl Hannah, the company's sustainability ambassador, as well as Greta Thunberg, Julia Butterfly Hill, Phoebe Plummer and Neimonte Nenquimo.


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