‘Splash’ star Daryl Hannah’s bizarre Barbie hoax fools media outlets

By Erin Keller

August 1, 2023 | 10:13pm

YouTube Poster

No Ken do.

“Splash” star Daryl Hannah, 62, claimed in a YouTube video Tuesday that Mattel chose her to announce its “groundbreaking commitment to stop using plastic by 2030.”

However, the Barbie manufacturer is not making this promise. A company spokesperson told The Post on Tuesday: “This is a hoax and has nothing to do with Mattel or any of its products.”

The Post has contacted Hannah for comment.

The eco-activist also announced a fictional line of MyCelia EcoWarrior Barbies, which included dolls inspired by fellow activists Greta Thunberg, Julia Butterfly Hill, Nemonte Nenquimo, Phoebe Plummer, and even Hannah herself.

'Splash' and 'Steel Magnolias' star Daryl Hannah created a hoax 'EcoWarrior Barbie' to promote environmental interests
The fake line of dolls included Barbies modeled after popular activists.
Youtube / MyCelia Barbie

These fictional dolls would be produced using mushrooms and other organic materials, per a fake commercial.

“Pussy Riot masks sold separately,” the video claimed, referring to the Moscow-based band imprisoned in 2012 for protesting against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hannah’s announcement was accompanied by a realistic promotional campaign that launched early Tuesday, including press releases and fake, yet seemingly authentic Mattel websites, as well as MyCelia Barbie accounts across major social media platforms.

Daryl Hannah claimed the fake EcoWarrior Barbie would be made with compostable materials.
Youtube / MyCelia Barbie

The Washington Times even published an article about the announcement — only to later release an editor’s note revealing it was bamboozled by the hoax.

“I am honored to join forces with Mattel in their visionary efforts to create a better world through play,” Hannah even told People in a since-removed article.

The video was uploaded to MyCelia Barbie’s YouTube channel, which was presumably created to make the announcement seem real.
Youtube / MyCelia Barbie

“Barbie has changed in many ways since I was a girl, but under the surface, she’s still toxic. Now, when she’s done being used, instead of persisting forever as a poison Barbie will be able to return to the earth, just like all living things. I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey,” she added.

On Tuesday evening, the “Kill Bill” actress posted a bizarre video message from two unidentified members of the “Barbie Liberation Organization” to her Instagram.

“This is a message for Mattel and every other company: Stop making plastic crap,” two young voices said into a microphone as Hannah blurred their faces.

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Hannah continued to post about the fake announcement into Tuesday night.
MyCelia Barbie

“You are ruining our future. Stop pink washing your environmental crimes,” the people added.

“I love animals. I love the planet,” one voice continued. “Don’t take them from us. I think adults should just stop messing with our future.”

The youngsters concluded in unison: “The Barbie Liberation Organization has spoken.”

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