Actress and activist Daryl Hannah is featured in a new hoax ad claiming that Mattel is creating a line of Barbies called MyCelia EcoWarrior Barbies, which are supposedly plastic-free.

Hannah is the face of this fake endorsement in a video released by her where she asserts that “by 2030 all Mattel toys will be plastic-free starting with the iconic Barbie doll.” She continued to claim that “Mattel will support a federal ban on all plastics in kid’s toys and on single-use plastics.”

The “limited edition EcoWarrior Barbies” would have featured “the real world heroes of the environmental struggle,” including Phoebe Plummer, Julia Butterfly Hill, Greta Thunberg, Nemonte Nenquimo and one even named after Hannah. 

The dedication to this fake campaign is remarkable, as spoofed press releases from Mattel, fake phone numbers, and a false website were all created. 


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It is believed that Hannah collaborated with two of The Yes Men, who are political pranksters, Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos. These men are also known under their aliases Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. 

The activist has been promoting the false line on social media platforms, confusing the public. Many originally believed the story to be true and media outlets released articles about the release. 

The email and press releases include fake quotes from the CEO of Mattel Ynon Kreiz and Mattel’s Head of Sustainability Pamela Gill-Alabaster. In the email, Hannah states, “I am honored to join forces with Mattel in their visionary efforts to create a better world through play. Barbie has changed in many ways since I was a girl, but under the surface, she’s still toxic. Now, when she’s done being used, instead of persisting forever as a poison Barbie will be able to return to the earth, just like all living things. I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey.”

At the end of the message, a Zoom link to a press conference with Hannah was included, where she was allegedly going to discuss the new line. 

After sending out the fraudulent email supposedly from Mattel, the company sent out an email to all the recipients with the headline “EcoWarrior Barbie Is Tasteless Hoax.”

They stated that “Reports that Mattel, Inc. is releasing a ‘MyCelia’ Barbie made from decomposable materials are entirely false. Mattel will not be lobbying the federal government for a ban on plastic or otherwise changing its business or production practices.” 

The Senior Director & Assistant General Counsel of Mattel Michael Pellegrino plans on punishing the perpetrators writing, “We will expose them and bring the full force of the law against these bullies. Mattel is all about fun, and this is not fun.”

Pellegrino ended the statement by announcing, “It’s a shame that a few sour opportunists want to steal her spotlight for their own agenda. There is a time and a place for appropriate conversations regarding toy manufacturing and the environmental crisis, but this is not it. Fortunately, Barbie’s spirit is strong, fun, and resilient, and she will overcome this.”

Mattel has shared that it does plan on moving towards a future with 100% biodegradable and recyclable plastic in its packaging and products in 2030, but it does not plan on stopping to use plastic altogether.

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