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Activists' prank targets Chevron ad campaign

BusinessWeek - Ian James, Gonzalo Solano - ‎Oct 19, 2010‎
Activists seeking to condemn Chevron Corp.'s environmental record have turned to guerrilla-style tactics, grabbing attention with an online ...

Critics spoof new Chevron ads promoting responsibility

Washington Post (blog) - Steven Mufson - ‎Oct 19, 2010‎
When Chevron launched a striking new ad campaign Monday, touting itself as an oil company that supports renewable energy and small businesses, ...

Chevron spoofed in 'candid' ads

AFP - ‎Oct 18, 2010‎
WASHINGTON — It might have been a first: a large multi-national oil company launching an ad campaign in which it admits to "abuses that companies usually ...

Pranksters Lampoon Chevron Ad Campaign

New York Times (blog) - Stuart Elliott - ‎Oct 18, 2010‎
Chevron is scrambling to deal with an elaborate lampoon of a major advertising campaign that the company introduced on Monday. ...

Hoaxers target new Chevron advertising campaign

Reuters Africa - ‎Oct 18, 2010‎
NEW YORK Oct 18 (Reuters) - Chevron Corp (CVX.N: Quote) launched a new advertising campaign on Monday to address negative perceptions of big oil companies, ...


Pranksters target Chevron ad campaign

Thaindian.com (blog) - Aishwarya Bhatt - ‎Oct 20, 2010‎
New York, Oct 20 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Chevron's “We Agree” campaign got a whole new meaning when the Yes Men and the Rainforest Action Network sent a hoax press ...

Chevron Punked With 'Yes Men'-Produced Attack Ad

SF Weekly (blog) - Joe Eskenazi - ‎Oct 19, 2010‎
An apparent Chevron ad campaign decrying the oil giant's years of polluting Third World locales and pledging ...

Chevron Punk'd! How the Big Oil Company Lost Control of Its Message

BNET (blog) - Kirsten Korosec - ‎Oct 19, 2010‎
Kirsten Korosec has been a print and online journalist for more than 10 years covering education, politics and ...

United States

Chevron Launches New Global Advertising Campaign: "We Agree"

MarketWatch (press release) - ‎Oct 18, 2010‎
SAN RAMON, Calif., Oct 18, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) today launched a new global advertising campaign titled "We Agree. ...

Wed Oct 20 2010 Chevron Advertising Campaign Outsmarted by Rainforest Action ...

Bay Area Indymedia - ‎Oct 20, 2010‎
Environmental activists at San Francisco-based Rainforest Action Network (RAN) pulled off an elaborate hoax on San Ramon-headquartered Chevron on Monday. ...

Chevron continues with ad campaign despite spoofs

PRWeek - Kimberly Maul - ‎Oct 20, 2010‎
SAN RAMON, CA: Chevron launched a new advertising campaign on Monday, but the company has been plagued with spoof websites from the Rainforest Action ...


Amazon Defense Coalition: Ecuador Bishop Criticizes Chevron for Its Role In ...

Business Wire (press release) - ‎Oct 20, 2010‎
LAGO AGRIO, Ecuador--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In another blow to Chevron's image, a prominent Bishop who lives in the area of Ecuador where Chevron is embroiled in ...

Chevron Takes Responsibility For Environmental Damage. Haha. Just Kidding!

Red, Green, and Blue - ‎Oct 19, 2010‎
Chevron's new ad campaign talks the talk. “Oil Companies Need to Get Real” and “Oil Companies Should Put Their Profits To Good Use,” for instance. ...

New Chevron 'We Agree' ad campaign hijacked by anti-corporate tricksters

The Upshot (blog) - Brett Michael Dykes - ‎Oct 19, 2010‎
Chevron rolled out its latest ad campaign this week with the idea of burnishing the image of the spill-tarnished oil industry. ...

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Activists' prank targets Chevron ad campaign
‎Oct 19, 2010‎ - BusinessWeek
Critics spoof new Chevron ads promoting responsibility
‎Oct 19, 2010‎ - Washington Post (blog)
Chevron spoofed in 'candid' ads
‎Oct 18, 2010‎ - AFP


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