Wow Cool gets Punked by Big Oil

As can be seen on our Splash Page, Wow Cool has been somehow sucked in to this whole brouhaha surrounding Chevron’s recent “We Agree” greenwwashing campaign. We are working hard with our Internet Service Provider to correct this situation. For now, all we know is that the unauthorized modifications to the home page were made from an IP address in Brooklyn, New York. We hope to soon regain full control of this website and correct the situation further. The Chevron We Agree homepage is here. Further news coverage of the enfolding scandal is here.

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Wow Cool is a studio and label based in Cupertino, California. Artists include: Marc Arsenault, Brown Cuts Neighbors, Steven Cerio, evidence, Simon Gane, God Hates Computers, Jason Martin, nickname: Rebel, and Offset Needle Radius.


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