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POSTED: May 10, 10:45 AM ET | By Jeff Goodell

Asthma Medication! Free Inhalers! Big Coal Really Cares


If you know anything about the energy industry, you might think that big coal companies like Peabody Energy, the largest privately held coal company in the world, doesn't care about how burning coal is cooking the planet, destroying children's lungs, and triggering heart attacks.  Or that mining coal is flattening the mountains of Appalachia.  But you would be wrong.  Because, really, Peabody does care.  They care a lot.  To prove it, somebody just launched a new website, coalcares.org. where you can read all about why coal is 'the safest energy there is.'  Even better, according to the website, the company is offering free Puff-Puff inhalers – you can choose from a dozen styles, including my favorite The Bieber, with a pic of The Biebs right on it – to any family living within 200 miles of a coal plant, as well as a $10 coupon towards asthma medication.  See – Big Coal really loves you!

(Ed note: Apparently, it wasn't clear enough for some that this post was intended ironically. You know, joke? We get it that this is a spoof site. We don't think Big Coal would be giving out inhalers.)

Related:  How Big Oil and Big Coal mounted one of the most agressive lobbying campaigns in history to block progress on global warming [Rolling Stone]

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