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January 11, 2005

If you forward this posting to 10 of your friends, Dave Matthews will make a contribution to help sick and dying kids…

Green_tea A window loves to get its freak on: Blue Anus’s "conceptual brilliance is eclipsed on by its aura of mystery". (Roll-over image to view. Winner of The Village Voice 2002 Best Inexplicable Window)

Unlike the previously-blogged Ted Koppel Blackout Goof, which was only a hilarious prank, the Yes Men’s interview on BBC World Television had serious political motivations. On November 29, 2004, the group’s spokesman announced on the air that Dow Chemical will accept full responsibility for the Bhopal disaster, and has a $12 billion dollar plan to compensate the victims and remediate the site. Also, to provide a sense of closure to the victims, Dow will push for the extradition of Warren Anderson, former Union Carbide CEO, to India, which he fled following his arrest 20 years ago on multiple homicide charges. Well, none of it was true.You can Watch the broadcast and read about the preparation for the hoax.

The Golf Ball Prank from “Stupid Videos”

Drunk Dialing: Next time you get drunk, call (321) 600-1200 and leave a message on “Slacker Town”. When you sober up you can check back and see just how drunk you were.

Design above is one of the new works by Mr. Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Many More Hilarious Pranks And Many More Outrageous jokes Here

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