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Saturday, December 04, 2004

:: Pip 1:20 PM

Dow Bhopal hoax hits wrong mark

Don't get me wrong, I like hoaxes. I've done hoaxes, some that were a good idea at the time, and others that were not.

The hoax that the Yes Men pulled on the BBC this week was brilliantly executed, but they hit the wrong guys. The Beeb is one of the few major media outlets that is likely to show any real support for the victims of Bhopal. The Beeb is also reeling from immense criticism over recent events and needed this blow and all the criticism from reactionary media pundits like a hole in the heart.

The Yes Men are wonderful, and I've supported them here before, but to do this to the BBC was stupid beyond words. (It also briefly inflated the hopes of the Bhopal survivors.) They should have hit CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox ...

No, Yes Men. Better luck next time.

Read The Times on the hoax that backfired

Read about the Bhopal tragedy, yesterday in the Book of Days

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