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October, 2007
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The alonovo community:
Connecting how corporations behave with their profit since 2005.

Did you know ... you can now select your beneficiary organization (if you don't wish to login to alonovo) and then shop directly at

Many within the alonovo community have asked for a better shopping experience, and while we continue to engineer an improved site, we wanted to provide another way for you to still benefit your cause of choice.

On November 16th and 17th our friends at Rainforest Action Network ( are asking anyone and everyone concerned with stopping the US coal rush to join them in taking the message to Wall Street.

We join with RAN in seeking 21st century comprehensive solutions to our energy needs such as solar and wind-based generation coupled with personal and corporate conservation.

We know that coal and oil-based energy lead to Global Warming, environmental damage and respiratory illnesses. The next time an industry "expert" talks about the cheap benefits of coal energy, lets remember to ask them if they have factored the health impact to the community into the costs. We're betting they haven't.

Our friends at the Breast Cancer Fund told us that they have partnered with LUNA on an important campaign to raise awareness about cancer, environmental, nutritional and chemical awareness. Pure Prevention is a campaign to educate women about the environmental causes of breast cancer and empower them to act, ask and live to reduce their risk of the disease. Because only 1 in 10 women who have breast cancer have a genetic history of the disease, what women put on and in their bodies can make a difference. By learning the facts, we can make smart choices about the products we use every day.

The campaign offers women easy, everyday actions they can take to reduce their risk: Create a Healthy Home, Eat Smart, Choose Safe Cosmetics, Get Outside and other sections of the web site help inform and spread the word. ...

Through their survey research, they learned that very few women are aware that as many as half of all breast cancers occur in women who have no known risk factors. With over 200,000 American women to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, it is crucial to expand the conversation about prevention.

We recently learned about an organization --Americans for Fairness in Lending through our relationship with our friends at

Many people fall victim to predatory and unfair lending practices and the impact can be financially devastating and last many years. Such practices touch all of us by perpetuating a cycle of poverty in our society.

From their website, Americans for Fairness in Lending (AFFIL) explains that they exist to raise awareness of abusive credit and lending practices and to call for re-regulation of the industry. AFFIL is the collaborative effort of numerous partner and ally organizations, each contributing their expertise to AFFIL and the public through AFFIL activities. As a group, we are committed to using a unified and consistent national message to raise the volume of our collective outrage and to shine a spotlight on predatory and unfair lending practices. AFFIL intends to generate a groundswell of public support for regulation of the lending industry to ensure fairness in lending for all Americans.
We can't stop ourselves. In June of 2007 the merry pranksters at The Yes Men provided a keynote speech on behalf of ExxonMobil at GO-EXPO Canada's largest annual oil conference.

Delivering the keynote, The Yes Men outlined an emerging opportunity in worldwide petroleum products -as many global disasters occur due to Global Warming, ExxonMobil is poised to take advantage of the crisis by turning the deceased into a new form of energy --called Vivoleum.

The Yes Men were unable to get through the entire presentation, about 20 minutes or so into the keynote, dumbfounded oil executives (probably kicking themselves for not being the first to jump on the opportunity) realized that the well-dressed presenters were not from ExxonMobil or from any other petroleum concern.

So when Chevron began their "Human Energy" campaign we couldn't stop laughing and thought we'd share the irony with you.
Our friends at Grist have published a quirky, humorous, entertaining, and sometimes irreverent read. We all have our morning routines, whether it's making coffee, walking the dog, feeding the kids, a shower and a shave, the office commute, or some combination thereof. And at each of these morning moments-in fact, at any given time throughout the day-we're making choices. What to eat, what to wear, how to dispose of diapers, how to travel from point A to point B, where to have a post-work cocktail, and on, and on-this compact and resourceful handbook takes a look at how to simplify and "green" our daily choices, from the moment we get up in the morning, until we finally lay our heads down at night.

Grist magazine's news about green issues and sustainable living is far from predictable. A self-proclaimed "beacon in the smog," it provides some of the most refreshing and knowledgeable voices on how to live wisely and promote a healthy world. Consider this guide an off-line beacon, bringing Grist's edgy authority, impeccable research, and planetary cheerleading to a broader audience.

Grist was one of the first media enterprises to cover us at our launch so when they write a book -we take notice!
We've heard that Stephen Colbert's book "I AM AMERICA (AND SO CAN YOU!)" is not only a good read, but also may repel bears. While this has just been a rumor, thus far in our own experiments, we have not found a bear inside or near any of our local bookstores.

Stephen Colbert was The Daily Shows longest-running and most diverse correspondent. In addition to his role as Senior Political Correspondent he was one of the hosts of Even Stephven, a point-counterpoint assault featuring co-correspondent Steve Carell, and the host of This Week in God, in which he reported on all things theological with the assistance of the God Machine. His personality, insight and overall rightness could only lead to The Colbert Report, a half-hour nightly platform for him to give his take on the issues of the day, and, more importantly, to tell you why everyone elses take is just plain wrong.
We can save you hundreds of hours each year, which you can then spend with family, friends, volunteering in the community, reading, studying (just in time for back to school) and being active in your community.

How can we do this you ask? Instead of going to the closet each day trying to figure out what to wear, you can be fashionable, help an important mission (ours!) and help us get the word out. Don't be confused by choices, proudly wear your alonovo tshirt everyday! As winter approaches, may we suggest a layered look? Yes, buy several shirts and wear them all at the same time for warmth!

Also, we will soon be announcing a monthly contest in which we will pay cold, hard cash (well, a check anyway) for a picture of you wearing your alonovo shirt in a notable place or with notable personalities. Kresge Auditorium at MIT? Bring it on we say. Stephen Colbert and your appearance on the Colbert Report? Bravo we say. A group photo in front of ExxonMobil, Wal*Mart or Halliburton? Neato. From campuses at NYU, Boston College, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Duke, to University of Texas, Texas A&M to UCLA, UC Berkeley and Stanford -you can be a part of our alonovo everywhere campaign.

Note that we strongly recommend the Union Made or Organic shirts.

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ps. Happy Birthday to Cecile, Osiris, John, Albert, Jeanne and Maisha!

-the team and alumni --Suzanne, Bob, Joey, Ethan, Lewis, Matt, Martina, Dorinda, Hooman, Nadeen, John and George