Vivoleum: The Yes Men Light Up Oil Industry


It looks like the logo for a cool new Web 2.0 company and sounds like the name of a pill to stop geriatric incontinence but Vivoleum is a lot more. Postioned, by the non-evil good guys at ExxonMobil, as a renewable non-polluting energy source, Vivoleum is a major step towards ending American energy dependence. ExxonMobil, hoping to move into more sustainable products, created Vivoleum though a new technique that mimicks the natural process that created crude oil millions of years ago. Details remain scketchy, but Exxon is apparently using billions of pounds of organic matter that would otherwise simply be dumped into the earth and processing that matter to make oil. The ambitious plan was announced at the Go-Expo Energy Conference in Canada and the Canucks were floored by the announcement. Click here for more information and pictures from the event.

Thanks go to Matt Rietman for the story.

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