Update: Gawker's Adrien Chen writes case that the video was a prank by the activist group The Yes Men.

Late last month, Shell got the final go-ahead to commence exploratory drilling at the top of the world, off Alaska's northern slope.

It's a major development, the significance of which we recently highlighted in our presentation on Bob Reiss' book, The Eskimo and the Oil Man.  

To celebrate, Shell held a party at the Seattle Space Needle, according to Gothamist, the highlight of which was, apparently, supposed to be a 3-foot-tall model of the drilling rig that would emit booze.

Occupy Seattle member Logan Price managed to gain attendance, and told Gothamist the company had invited the elderly widow of the man who'd originally designed the rig, as well as one of the rigs original engineers, to turn on the device.

It did not turn out well. 

Via Gothamist's footage from Price:

Shell is looking to begin actually drilling before the end of the summer.