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  • This will cost over 1 billion in tax dollars to clean up. Shell will foot none of the bill, except to pay for commercials stating that tourism has never been better at the Space Needle.

  • See how you liked getting doused you greedy old bitch.


    Sea Turtles

  • Why the fuck didnt she move?

  • This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

  • Asking if he can take the phone? Cheeky fucking cunt.

  • Another example of a rich person who never has to do anything, so when they actually have to move or do something, they can't because they are so used to having someone else do everything for them.

  • It is leaking.


    Oh the irony

  • At least the ocean is safe...

  • "Fuck it - let's party!"

  • If that guy would have asked me for my phone like that, I'd have shoved him out of my way. At that point, the consequences are the same no matter what, might as well make the best of it.

  • Does not bode well for the Arctic. Fucktards can't even maintain a pretend well.

  • Why am I still filming, because I want to idiot!

  • I get that she's old but that reaction is fucking absurd.

  • Well that link didn't make it very long lol

  • Why are old people so fucking life incompetent. oh my god this thing is squirting me so I'm just gonna stand her and let it get all over me while I shriek like a fucking muppet baby. move 8 inches to the right or left.

  • i greatly approve of your use of "muppet baby"

  • Nice how the rube that is about to lose his job asks for the phone. I hope he was told to suck dick.

  • hahahahah they cant even contain a fake oil spill

  • This is as close to an oil rig as any of them will ever get.

  • FUCKING woman sounded like kermit the FROG, hahahahahahahahaha.

    "Sir give me your phone" Yeah, okay tough guy... fuck anyone who thinks they can take your stuff.

  • These thieves who rob us all deserved much worse

  • ''So, you put your glass right over here and we'll fill you up'' BAHAHAAHAHA! I guess the spill emergency plan wasn't tested in that particular environment... Holy cow! So much failure and EPIC WIN at the same time! #SaveTheArctic

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  • WHOOPS?!

  • The eluded sidestep...

  • fake

  • Obviously you have a mess up there :)

  • I hope this is real, if so, CELEBRATION!!!!

  • Surely fake lmao

  • Q: What about the breathing, the panting, the moaning, the screaming?

    A: Fake, fake, fake, fake.

  • sit there and complain? yup sure signs of a rich bitch.

  • "Just go for it, you can't hurt it" "What are you doing?!" "Turn it off!"

  • The glass containment dome she used was not very effective!

  • this is the best.

  • it sure is.

  • Its spewing like their drilling rig will


  • Something's off with this. Did you see the "host"/"master of ceremonies"? As soon as he explained what to do, he runs off stage right. Almost as if he magically KNEW what was about to happen. And, when the old guy said it wasn't working, that first guy wasn't getting anywhere near that thing.

  • Hahahaha. Amazing.

    He got kicked out!

  • Comment removed

  • Oh the irony.

  • worst acting ever

  • too damn funny! "can i have that phone, please" too late!

  • lol$

  • Now that is a #fail.

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