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June 62006

Was the International Serious Games Event Punk'd?

It's starting to look like we weren't the only people Punk'd by the McVideo game story.

Water Cooler Games has an interesting story up about the whole thing, as does Alice over at Wonderland. Whether or not these guys work for McDonald's, they sure has hell spoke at the International Serious Games Event.

From Wonderland:

... a buddy was at the very conference, and sent in his copious notes, which I've repro'd here. It makes for amazing reading:

"Just come from a talk at the International Serious Games Event in Birmingham, where we saw the Strategic Communications manager for McDonald's describe a training game McDonald's have been using that reveals exactly how damaging their business practices are, and how he's spreading the word about this until he gets fired."

Water Cooler conjectures that the convention, desperate for corporate speakers, got Punk'd itself, giving time and a stage to an anti-McDonald's group posing as the real thing.

We're not certain yet, but pretty sure that the conference got Punk'd. The panel this was presented on had a bunch of other corporations, super prestigious ones like NCR and Bob Stone, and my friend Elina Koivisto from Nokia, who I know is legit. They were probably desperate for corporate speakers to draw a corporate crowd. Who wouldn't sign McDonald's on if they offered?

I smell a lawsuit.

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Yep, I'd duck and cover. Good story though, and helluvah place to infiltrate. How many years has this 'serious games' thing been going?

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