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McDonald's To Cause End of World

So reports Kotaku, based on simulations by McDonald's in-house software company. The company is detaching itself from the evil, tasty corporation.
McDonald's Interactive announced today that it is striking out on its own from parent company McDonald's. The announcement was made at the International Serious Games Event in Birmingham, England. "We can no longer stand by while McDonald's corporate policies help lead the planet to ruin," said Andrew Shimery-Wolf, co-director of the former Interactive Division.

McDonald's Interactive was formed four years ago to help the company adapt to new market conditions.

"We began developing a simulation of the fast-food industry, for use by managers in developing market strategies." said Division CTO Sam Grossman. "When we added a climate simulation module, it showed those strategies helping lead to global calamity."

Sound unbelievable? Well, yeah, most people would suspect a hoax but Kotaku ate it up hook, line, and sinker. They eventually caught on to the game and admitted the mistake.

Big Macs rule, Kotaku drools!

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