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Serious Games conference pranked by anti-McDonalds activists

Mcdonalds_interactive_1 The UK "Serious Games" conference in Birmingham, has been the site of a seriously smart media prank. "Serious games" are games built for education, PR or marketing purposes, or for internal simulations. They're where the corporate world goes to play with itself. So it was not a surprise to hear one delegate from "McDonalds Interactive" talk about an internal fast food market simulation developed to train managers. What was more of a surprise was when the same delegate said once a climate simulation model had been added, the game invariably ended with McDonalds activities leading to "global calamity". This realisation apparently forced the Interactive arm of McDonalds to break away from the main company and actively fight to change its policies. Or that would be the case if McDonalds Interactive actually existed. Current evidence points to anti-corporate activists RTMark having some involvement.

Simon M

June 7, 2006 in News and previews | Permalink


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