June 06, 2006

McDonald's Path to Global Destruction

Courtesy of David Weinberger, I read that McDonald's Interactive has announced it is leaving its parent company, McDonald's, the global fast-food superpower. What?

McDonald's Interactive announced today that it is striking out on its own from parent company McDonald's... "We can no longer stand by while McDonald's corporate policies help lead the planet to ruin," said Andrew Shimery-Wolf, co-director of the former Interactive Division.


"We began developing a simulation of the fast-food industry, for use by managers in developing market strategies." said Division CTO Sam Grossman. "When we added a climate simulation module, it showed those strategies helping lead to global calamity."

"Management doesn't seem to care, and we can't sit back and fiddle while Rome burns, so our team has decided to break away from McDonald's and do something about it," said Grossman.

This may be the most bizarre announcement I've heard in a long time. Is it real? (Without getting into a debate on what constitutes 'real.')

Doesn't look to be, but damned convincing nonetheless. The whole website is well worth a read, regardless of the reality of the announcement. Somehow, now I have the chorus to that Dusty Springfield song wishin and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' in my head.

Upon further thought and reading, this stunt may be a real backfire for its organizers. It makes their whole message suspicious and untrustworthy. Are any of the statistics valid? Is any of the message accurate? I'm even sympathetic to their message and I find myself distrusting.

Take aim, shoot foot.

Posted by James Sherrett at June 6, 2006 04:38 PM
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