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Website Hoax

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Earlier today, an unidentified cyber group developed and posted a deceptive web page called www.monsantoglobal.com designed to appear as though it was posted by Monsanto. This pagee and its related communications, including fake news releases entitled “Mexico Grants Monsanto Approval To Plant Large-Scale GM Corn Fields” and “Monsanto Denounces “Activists” for Hoax Release are intentional misrepresentations and are not in any way associated with our company. Monsanto has not issued a press release on the hoax.

Monsanto regrets any confusion or inconvenience caused by this hoax. Information on this hoax web site and its related communication properties has been turned over to the appropriate authorities to further investigate the matter.

Monsanto recognizes that the online forum is a place for spirited discussion about many topics and many companies, including our own. Monsanto is pleased to encourage and participate in such dialogue as we believe it is vitally important to better understanding the true roots of the challenges we all face in meeting the demands of a growing population. Unfortunately, Monsanto sees web site hoaxes such as an attempt to disrupt that discussion, and to broadcast false and misleading information about our company.

4 Responses to "Website Hoax"

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  2. Disinformation of the worst kind, confusing the public, wrecking the dialogue that Monsanto has built with such care and expense over the past decade.

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  4. I am curious as to Monsanto’s official stance on the contamination of maize plantings in Oaxca by transgenic strains. Because maize pollen is carried on the wind, many of these ancestrally cultivated varieties now show signs of GM DNA, even though there are no large scale plantings of modified corn in these regions. Is Monsanto taking steps to protect the biodiversity of native agriculture, or will we see a repeat of Monsanto Canada v. Schmeiser in Mexico?


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