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Fake and the Real NY Times

Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 06:27:26 PM PST

These times demand The Times. I hope that you got a copy of the fake NY Times that was distributed today in a few cities around the US (I missed it).  It was funny and sad and inspiring all in one.
However, lost in the news was a really good opinion piece in the Real NY Times by the Real NY times.

The war is over
(NY times July 4th 2009)

Interesting lines:

  1. Allies keep America strong.
  1. America must be ready to use force, but most of today’s security threats won’t be solved by force
  1. Being liked increases our raw power.
  1. Crumbling Infrastructure Brings Opportunities
  1. Sometimes you have to break some eggs to make an omelet.

The first three of the above is from  Rachel Kleinfeld article Right the Wrongs.

You should read it, I should excerpt large sections of it.  We need to think about it and what does it really mean for national security.

Conservatives have had a martyr-complex about allies: they refused NATO’s early offer of help in Afghanistan, disdain United Nations’ peacekeeping and obstruct efforts by the European Union to build complementary military forces, then complain that allies are never there to help. That is simply dysfunctional.
We cannot bomb terrorists hiding in Germany — we can’t even bomb them in Pakistan without creating more.
When other people believe in the promise of America, they support their governments’ efforts to help us and expose guerrillas in their midst.

The 4th line Crumbling Infrastructure Brings Opportunities was from the fake times, a product of the Yes Men  
The articles are interesting.  They talk about real possibilities of what the US can aspire to.
High speed internet for Appalachia?  With real network neutrality?  That is something that both the right and the left should be supporting.  How it is done, or not, is the difference between the left and the right.

The line about omelets.  The truth of the matter is that for us to really fix what is wrong in America, a nice amount of people are going to have to lose their jobs.  This is not to say that they will not be able to get other jobs but it may take a bit of time and a very different direction from what they are doing now.
Example: The people involved in our health care insurance bickering.  Many people who work for insurers are paid to make sure that health care is not being paid.  Many doctors offices have extra staff just to deal with health care.  Those positions need to be eliminated. (keep up to date about Healthcare Reform and Murder by spreadsheet by nyceve)
Many of the larger companies have staff that worked out OK but now they are dead weight in these firms with Outdated Business Models.
ex: middle management in large telephone companies and car companies.

To big to fail?  More likely to big to succeed.

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  •  I caught a brief mention of this NYT thing (0+ / 0-)

    on Campbell Brown's show, talking with Dana Milbank.

    "Go well through life"-Me (As far as I know)

    by MTmofo on Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 06:38:38 PM PST

  •  The Yes Men (0+ / 0-)

    Have been doing such an awesome job over the years. This spoof is a true work of art!

    I only wish I lived in one of the areas that got a copy. It would be the best Christmas gift for my Dad, who's a complete political junkie, but, since he's unable to speak, has spent the last 4 years on the sidelines watching the political whirl in great frustration...

    You don't need to protect me from someone else's spelling, grammar, extra posts on a topic, or use of quotations.

    by mataliandy on Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 07:39:25 PM PST

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