Enbridge Says Mysterious Pipeline Group’s Claims to Take Part in Line 3 Project are False

Enbridge responds to the claims made by the so-called "Indigenous Pipeline Council."

DULUTH, Minn.- A group calling itself the “Indigenous Pipeline Council” may actually be a comedy group that puts on hoaxes.

On Saturday, the so–called group held a launch presentation claiming they will change the Duluth waterfront entirely by laying a supposed 19 miles of pipeline that Enbridge gifted them.

Enbridge emphatically denied those claims today.

The two men who led the presentation appear to be Ryan “Gitz Crazyboy” Derangé and Tito Ybarra with the comedy group called “Yes Men.”

The group’s mission, according to the Yes Men’s website  is to “use trickstery fun to further campaigns” for the past 15 years.

This is what they told Fox 21 yesterday:

“As the oil and pipeline comes through, just prepare for a change, some of it bad, some of it good. But we’re looking really to make a lot of money out of this and bring up the american economy.”

Enbridge responded to these claims in an email today saying…

“Their claims are patently false. This is a lie. This group is in no way affiliated with Enbridge or the Line 3 Replacement Project and there are no such plans related to this project.  While at this time the motivations for this group spreading such misinformation are unclear we plan to investigate further to determine whether they intend to continue to mislead the public and the media.”

At Saturday’s meeting, the “Indigenous Pipeline Council” told community members their goal is to preserve indigenous reservations while remaining an energy forward organization.

Fox 21 reached out to the “Indigenous Pipeline Council” to confirm that this is a hoax put on by the Yes Men group but did not hear back.



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