Drought: DJ Moby Asks Californians to Give up Showers for Beef

Moby (Steve Jurvetson / Flickr / CC / Cropped)
Steve Jurvetson / Flickr / CC / Cropped

Electronic music pioneer Moby is asking drought-exhausted Californians to skip dozens of showers every time they want to eat a hamburger.

Joining forces with nonprofit organization Skip Showers For Beef, Moby released “A Message to California” last week:

“Hi, I’m Moby, and I’m a vegan,” the solemn video message begins. “That’s my personal choice. But I also believe it’s possible for you meat-lovers to enjoy your meat responsibly.”

“Water resources in California are at an all-time low,” Moby continues. “Many factors are to blame, including, yes, beef production. Did you know that one pound of steak has a water footprint of over 1,800 gallons? Yes, that’s a lot of water.”

To “equalize” that footprint, Moby suggests Californians skip 37 showers for each quarter-pound hamburger they eat.

“That might sound ridiculous,” Moby concedes, “but in the face of this historic drought, we all need to think outside the box.”

The musician directs viewers to the Skip Showers for Beef website, where drought-conscious meat-lovers can learn how to stay clean without using precious water. The organization’s “Waterless Hygiene Guide” contains such helpful tips as taking a “dirt bath,” putting jeans in the freezer for 12 hours to kill bacteria and using a “sandpaper scrub” as an exfoliant.

“I won’t, because I don’t eat meat,” Moby reminds viewers at the end of the video. “But you can. Go for it. Change happens one shower at a time.”

Moby’s video advice follows an interview with Rolling Stone last month in which the musician said California’s water problems could be “easily addressed.”

Of course, Moby’s suggestion to skip showers to fight the drought is nothing new. Everyone from 23-year-old Cody Creighton to Gov. Jerry Brown is cutting back on shower time to do their part.

Below, check out “Jason and Kiki’s Story” for Skip Showers for Beef:


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