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Starbucks will continue to charge extra for plant-based milk in 2022

A logo hangs outside a Starbucks Coffee

The "Siren" logo hangs outside a Starbucks Coffee shop, Wednesday, July 14, 2021, in Boston.AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Starbucks confirmed with Insider it will continue to charge extra for plant-based milk despite a fake press release posted from an unknown organization making the claim. Hence, the extra charge isn’t going away on January 1, 2022.

The fake press release sent to reports on Thursday said the extra charge would end and would help in the fight against “dietary racism.”

While oat milk just became an addition to Starbucks in March 2021, the company added coconut milk in 2015 as well as almond milk in 2016. Though soy milk has been around since 2004, so has plant-based milk — the latter costing 70 cents more in any or all drinks.

There’s no plan to lower the price of plant-based milk just yet, but that can change with higher demand.

“While there’s no single factor in pricing decisions we expect costs to come down as the supply chain for plant-based options matures,” former Former COO Roz Brewer said in 2020.