UPDATE: A chilly January morning in downtown Washington D.C. was made warmer when copies of a fantasy Washington Post hit the street, carrying the banner headline “UNPRESIDENTED.”

Underneath was printed: “Trump Hastily Departs White House, Ending Crisis.”

Actual Washington Post, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, has reacted:

MoveOn.org denied suggestions it was behind the stunt, a report that had gained traction due to this tweet:

Among Fantasy WaPo’s more amusing features, Actual WaPo’s pretentious “Democracy Dies In Darkness” slogan is replaced with “Democracy Awakens in Action,” the publication date is May 1 – and all of the articles on the front page of the print edition, and its accompanying web site, are written by women.

In Fantasy WaPo World, Trump has abandoned the White House, on May 1, barely six months after the midterm elections, issuing no formal statement, though White House aides who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed to have found a napkin on the president’s desk in the Oval Office the previous night, on which was scrawled: “Blame Crooked Hillary & Hfior & the Fake News Media.”

Another front-page article collected reports of  impromptu street parties popping up in major cities and small towns all around the world, as people realized Trump had fled.

In yet another article, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had held THREE press briefings in one day.

In still another, a photo of NYT editor in chief Dean Baquet accompanies a headline: “Major news outlets on Trump’s rise to power: ‘Our bad’”

In yet another front-page article, Fake WaPo slaps itself on the back for “eerily predicting real events.”

In  its Marketwatch feature, everything is up — a lot.

More to come…