YASAVA *is* a Real 'Private Jet Couture' Company: The Yes Men's COP26 Double Bluff

Of course the notorious corporate pranksters would infiltrate COP26...wouldn't they?

The Yes Men strike again! The brilliant, notorious activist group have made their name performing attention-grabbing pranks that spotlight the death spiral of corporate bullshit. Yay!

You may have been delighted at yesterday’s news that The Yes Men had hoodwinked the top brass at the UN as part of a targeted campaign at COP26.

A press release went out that appeared to outline their latest stunt, doing what they do best: create a fake company so ridiculous, that it blows up the corporate fealty of the investors, press, and/or other ruling class bigwigs that buy into it as big as a Missouri billboard.

They were posing as YASAVA, a “bespoke aircraft couture” company. YASAVA, preposterously, had been accepted into two official COP26 “net zero” initiatives: the ‘Race to Zero’ and the ‘Science Based Targets Initiative’.

Later, climate action group Glasgow Calls Out Polluters (GCOP) produced their own press release, ‘revealing’ that YASAVA was a Yes Men project to dupe the UN and COP26 leadership.

Numerous global outlets picked the story up, including The Guardian, and The National.


This morning, The Yes Men revealed that this was, in fact, a brilliant double bluff.

Yasava is a ‘bespoke, sustainable flight couture’ company that really, actually does exist.

In a third press release, titled Fake Fake Exposes Real Fake, the Yes Men revealed:

“In what would have been a monumental first for the group, the Yes Men supposedly got an absurd fake company — "YASAVA," producing "bespoke airplane couture" for private corporate fleets — accepted into two official COP26 "Net Zero" programs: the Race to Zero and Science-Based Targets initiatives…”

But after much publicity, and the occasional seed of doubt sown by Twitter detectives…

…indeed, that doubt was warranted: Yasava is completely real, and was founded in 1988, according to at least one source.

"It involved no skill at all to demonstrate the absurdity of the whole 'Net Zero' concept," said Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men. "Yasava did it all for us."

The real story is that the people running initiatives that are supposed to Save The Planet actually included, without a shred of irony, a private jet couture company in their plan.

This is why so many activists are calling on government to recognise that we need systemic, global change - not simply a continuation of the capitalist system that exists only to perpetuate itself at all costs.

Read GCOP’s report on the COP26 ‘Race to Zero Credibility’, and Greta Thunberg’s commentary on COP26 as a “greenwashing festival”.

And join your local climate action group.

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